• Jay Alexander's Marrakech Magic Theater

    If you are looking for a fun night out doing something a bit off the beaten path, then you will definitely want to experience the show at the Marrakech Magic Theater. The theater is located only about half an hour from El Rancho Inn and features one of the most unique performances in the area. ...

    Jay Alexander is sure to shock and amaze you with his feats of magic, mentalism, and psychological feats all mixed with a healthy dose of comedy. A crowd favorite is Alexander’s unbelievable human lie detection. Doors open about an hour before show time so you can enjoy some cocktails, appetizers, and even pre-show mysteries and illusions. With rave reviews from Bono of U2 and Monty Python’s John Cleese, two men who know a thing or two about entertaining and comedy, Jay Alexander’s show is sure to leave you with a big smile on your face.

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  • Learn Some Local History

    If you have an interest and love for history, then you will most definitely want to visit the Millbrae Historical Museum. With summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to leisurely stroll the half a mile or so from El Rancho Inn to the museum. The Millbrae Museum celebrates the history of Millbrae and the surrounding area. ...

    The building itself, built in 1895, is a converted house that once served as the dwelling place for the resident manager of the Spring Valley Water Company. The restored house now contains numerous artifacts, photos, furniture, and documents that all highlight what life was like in Millbrae near the end of the 19th century. Volunteer docents are available for questions every Saturday from 12-4 PM to answer any questions you may have. This one of a kind museum is an excellent place to spend a relaxing afternoon indulging your intellectual side.

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  • Millbrae Farmers' Market

    Every Saturday, rain or shine, the Millbrae Farmers’ Market is held in the City Parking lot on Broadway from 8am to 1pm. Located less than a mile from El Rancho Inn, walk to the farmer’s market and enjoy the fresh air on your way. Of course, the Millbrae Farmers’ Market has plenty of vendors selling fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, but this market has even more to offer. ...

    Every week, there are also flowers, plants, and even homemade baked goods for sale. You are almost guaranteed to find a new favorite pastry or dessert as you wander through the market. In addition, Bay Area musicians regularly play at the farmer’s market which just adds to the peaceful and relaxing ambience of the whole experience. You may have been to a farmer’s market before, but you have not ever experienced the local flavor and fun of the Millbrae Farmers’ Market.

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  • It's a Bird, It's a Plane

    If you are looking for an afternoon away from the fast paced lifestyle of the city, then you will want to visit the most unique park in Millbrae. Located only a mile and a half from El Rancho Inn, Bayfront Park has a little bit of everything. Take in amazing views of the Bay and Downtown San Francisco or enjoy a leisurely stroll or jog along a pedestrian-friendly path. ...

    Yet, one of the most exciting things about Bayfront Park is the unique opportunity to watch planes land and take off from the San Francisco Airport. There is nothing quite like the view of a 747 as it descends over the Bay en route to SFO. After a fun day of plane, bird, and people watching, make your way back to the hotel for delicious American Cuisine at the Terrace Café.

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